A list of useful apps for your vacation on the Côte d'Azur

A list of useful apps for your vacation on the Côte d'Azur

In the midst of summer, we decided to compile for you a list of the most essential apps for your vacation on the Côte d'Azur.


The French Riviera is a beautiful place visited every year by thousands of tourists who love to swim or stroll along the shores. This place is considered one of the best tourist destinations in Europe because of its excellent climate. The Mediterranean coast has a great effect on health thanks to the salt water, clean air and sunshine. But swimming in the Mediterranean Sea can be quite dangerous. The scientific website Méduse.acri offers all sea lovers to monitor in real time the presence or absence of jellyfish along the shoreline of the Mediterranean Sea.


If you want to order your favorite meal at a nice price, the Mentonnais app is just for you. Thanks to a convenient search system, the app searches for the desired dish in all the restaurants located in the radius. Also in the app you can find an establishment to your liking by selecting your favorite cuisine.

Où sont les toilettes

The app "Où sont les toilettes", as the name implies, offers a list of nearby places to help you. The 150,000 public toilets are listed on a map. The list includes: free toilets, paid toilets, women's toilets and men's toilets.


Don't want to spend the evening sitting on the couch? Even at the last minute, the Time'N'Joy app lets you find and select cultural, sports and holiday events nearby to suit your interests.


The Var Nestor app allows you to book a driver to take you from your evening spot to your home, in your own car. Very convenient for those who like to have a good rest.

Vélo Bleu

The Côte d'Azur weather lends itself to walks along the sea and in the immediate surroundings. The Vélo Bleu app makes it possible. It allows you to find a bike station near you and gives you the exact number of bikes available.


In addition to the official Lignes d'Azur public transport app, this app lists bus and streetcar schedules and calculates the best routes when you want to get from one point to another.


It's not new, but it's very useful for avoiding traffic jams thanks to real-time user alerts. On the highway or downtown, Waze will suggest convenient routes to save you time.


Everything is rentable. Car, bike, condo, scooter, and now boats. Motorized, sailing, with professionals or individuals, you can book a boat for a day or a few days.

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