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For tenants
Frequent questions when renting real estate in France
How can I easily find the perfect holiday home on the French Riviera for me?

If you're looking to find your dream vacation home on the Côte d'Azur, you can start by getting in touch with us through our online inquiry form, by emailing us at, or by giving us a call at +33 4 93 29 84 25. Our skilled team will listen to what you're looking for and handpick a selection of properties that tick all your boxes. Once you've made your choice, we'll draft a Rental Agreement outlining all the reservation details. Then, all that's left for you to do is to relax and make the most of your luxurious stay.

How can I be certain that the rental property looks as good in person as it does in the photos?

At ServiceAzur, we take meticulous care in ensuring that the photographs featured on our website accurately represent the current state of each rental property. However, to provide you with utmost peace of mind, we highly recommend scheduling an in-person visit to the property before finalizing any rental agreements. This allows you to personally verify the quality and condition of your potential holiday residence.

What is the check-in procedure for the vacation home?
When you arrive at your vacation home, you will be met by one of our managers who will assist you during your entire rental period. Together, you will take inventory of the property. He will give you the keys, the remote controls and the alarm codes.
What is an inventory of rental property when a tenant moves in and out?

An inventory of the property to be rented is a document that lists the general condition of the property itself, the list, quantity and condition of the items in the property.

The purpose of the inventory is to minimize the risk of disputes between the Tenant and the Owner. An inventory is useful to both parties: The Property Owner uses the inventory to protect the leased property and can prove damages.

The tenant, in turn, insures himself against unjustified claims for damages with a detailed inventory.

What is the check-out procedure for the vacation home?

A new inventory of the property will be made upon departure. If no damage to the house or equipment is found, the deposit will be refunded to you as agreed by the contract.

Upon request, we will arrange transfer to the airport for you.

What is a holiday rental security deposit?
The security deposit is an amount held by the agency for the duration of the rental and is used to cover any damage that tenants may cause to the furniture or equipment of the vacation home.
What is the security deposit amount for seasonal rentals?
The amount of the security deposit is, on average, 25% to 30% of the total rent, the deposit is assigned by the owner, but kept in the account of the agency, which is the intermediary and guarantor between the owner and the tenant.
When is the security deposit refunded?
Under French law, the agency may withhold the security deposit up to two months after the tenant moves out. If the inventory upon check-out is identical to the inventory upon check-in, there is no breakage and the owner consents to the return. The security deposit can be paid on the day of departure.
What is deducted from the security deposit?

Depending on the contract, some costs may be deducted from the security deposit: final cleaning, consumption of water, electricity, gas, tourist tax and other services provided during the tenant’s stay.

If there is damage or breakage, the reason is found out, there can be two: through the fault of the tenant or due to natural wear and tear, when used as intended. The tenant is responsible for the first, and the landlord for the second.

Are linens and towels included in the rent?
The question is an individual one. Depending on the contract. But often, given that linens and towels are personal hygiene products, they are available for rent for a separate fee.
Can the tenant change the lease dates?
It is possible to change the rental dates if the property is vacant for the new period and the landlord gives his consent.
For landlords
Popular questions about renting in France
How to rent my home with your agency?

By contacting us :

Our rental managers will contact you shortly to set up a free consultation.

Next steps are:

  • Take professional photos, determine the best price, prepare an effective description.
  • Attract the right client through a thorough marketing strategy.
  • Manage the rental process from signing the contract to welcoming your guests.
What should I do if a tenant causes damage to my property or furnishings ?
No need to panic! In this case, we've thought of a security deposit to be paid by the tenant prior to the rental. The amount of 25-30% of the total rental amount is reserved to cover any damage caused to your property.
What is a typical period of seasonal rental?
Seasonal rental is the rental of a furnished apartment or house for a day, a week or a month. Usually, seasonal rental does not exceed a 3-month period. Rentals over 3 months are considered long- term furnished rentals.
What papers do I need to rent out my house?
You should provide proof of ownership along with a copy of your ID or passport.
Is it necessary to make an inventory of the property before renting it out?
Property inventory is crucial for both apartments and houses. We complete the inventory before the tenants arrive and just before they leave. Along with the rental agreement, it protects you from any unfair claims.
Can I rent out my property if I have a mortgage on it ?
Yes, you can rent it out. A mortgage is a guarantee for the bank. The owner has full rights to dispose of the property, including the right to rent it out.
Should I insure my property before renting it out?
There's no obligation to take out insurance for a meublé de tourisme intended for seasonal rental. However, it is strongly recommended.
There is a special insurance policy for property owners (PNO - Propriétaire Non Occupant) that allows you to secure your property.
What's important for risk-free seasonal rentals?
  1. Insure your rental property.
  2. Drafting and getting your tenants to sign a rental agreement.
  3. Request a security deposit and obtain the funds before handing over the keys to the tenants.
  4. Make a detailed inventory of the accommodation and have it signed by the tenants at the beginning and end of the tenancy.
How do I determine the value of my property?

Option 1: Contact a real estate agent for an estimation, which in most cases is free of charge. He or she will then give you a market value for your property.

Option 2. Hire an expert. In this case, you'll have to pay for the valuation. Banks, on the other hand, will evaluate the property or ask an expert to evaluate the property if a loan is granted.

Useful information about real estate in France
We’ve gathered answers to the most popular questions for you
When is the best moment to book a vacation home on the French Riviera?
We recommend starting as soon as possible. This will give you more options and help you get cheaper properties. The best time to book holiday accommodation is during the low season from October to March.
What are the main advantages of renting a house or apartment on the Côte d'Azur compared to staying in a hotel?

You get better value for money for your vacation with family or a group of friends.

With a wide choice of properties to rent, you can choose to stay away from densely populated areas or be close to the city center.

Houses or apartments are generally much larger in terms of living space and better equipped than hotel rooms.

What are the most popular destinations for holiday rentals on the Côte d'Azur?
The most popular destinations on the Côte d'Azur are :

  • Cap d'Antibes
  • Cannes
  • Cap Ferrat
  • Saint-Tropez

How much does it cost on average to rent a house on the Côte d'Azur?

The cost of renting a property on the Côte d'Azur varies considerably and depends on factors such as the property's location, its distance from the sea and, of course, the desired time of year.

For example, the average cost of renting villas on the French Riviera in the high season is 10-12nbsp;th €  a week. Apartments will cost about 3-4 € thousand per week.